Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) and other

Pre-made Bag Systems:

Pre-made bag systems use your existing pouch (or approved gusseted bag) and fills and seals. Handles both valve and zip seal bags.
Note: Mini System- Distant from zip to top of bag- need at least 30mm (1.18 inches).

Two styles avail:
1.0 Mini Single Bag Pre-made System:

  • One bag fill at a time and one style (approved gusseted or SUP)

2.0 Rotary Multi-bag Pre-made Systems:

  • Model 200- SUP Bag width from 3.9 to 8.26 inch
  • Model 250- SUP Bag width from 4.7 to 9.8 inch
  • Model 300- SUP Bag width from 5.9 to 11.8 inch

               Mini Pre-made with Linear Filler                          

            Rotary Pre-made with 10 Head Filler

                Rotary with Linear Filler    

Mini Pre-made Machine

Mini Pre-made Packaging- Gusseted Bag example:


Rotary Multi-bag Pre-made Packaging- Stand up Pouch example:


Rotary Pre-made Packaging - Dog Food:

Pre-made Coffee Bag: