Single Serve K-cups and Sealers

Cups, Filters and Lids:

"Fresh Roasted" single serve coffee is now available to small to medium size roasters. We provide single serve cups and manual, semi-auto and fully automated heat sealing machines at affordable prices.

Many roasters have increased their revenue significantly by catering to the ever growing single serve market and the millions of single serve coffee makers. Fresh coffee k-cups have a retail price of $0.75 to $1.00 per cup, return on investment can be quick.

Our cups, filters and 2.0 lids are compatible to most all K- cup* style single serve coffee making machines. The K-cup* style filter is integrated inside the cup to help make production faster and save in labor cost. 

These cups have great flow characteristics and produce superior brewed coffee. We have shipped many millions without issue.

Cups are Polypropylene (PP)- 100% recyclable and has number "5" as its resin identification code. 

Cup Specifications: 12.5 gram, PP/EVOH/PP, the EVOH Film acts as an oxygen and moisture barrier to extend the shelf life of coffee, and the cup is BPA free and food safe.

Keuriq 2.0 compatible lids are now available in brown, orange and purple.

K-cup with sealed filter and 2.0 lid:



Pricing, FOB, CA:

K-cup pricing with 2.0 lids:
Model Description Cost per unit Total Cost Buy Now
KC1K 1,000 k-cup and lids $0.15 $150.00 CALL
KC4K 4,000 K-cup and lids $0.10 $400.00 CALL


K-cup without lid:
KC1KNL 1,000 K-cup  $0.13 $130.00 CALL
KC4KNL 4,000 K-cup  $0.079 $316.00 CALL
K-cup Lids: Purple Outer Ring in stock, Orange and Brown Special Order
KCL1K- Purple 1,000 Keurig 2.0 Lids $0.03 $30.00 CALL
KCL4K- Purple 4,000 Keurig 2.0 Lids $0.022 $88.00 CALL
KCL100K- Brown, Orange 100,000 Keuriq 2.0 Lids $0.022 $2,200.00 CALL

Printed Lids:
Printed 2.0 Foil Lids  Min. order 200,000, plus plate charge per color, air freight. About 30 days ARO $0.017 each CALL  
Printed 2.0 Foil Lids on Roll Min. order 300,000, plus plate charge per color, air freight. About 30 days ARO $0.0097each  CALL  



1. K-cup/ lid prices are FOB, CA. Shipping cost are extra. For larger quantities we ship by freight to save cost.

2. *Special pricing for larger quantities. Call for details.


*K-cup is a registered trademark of Keurig Inc.  We are not affiliated with Keurig, Inc.


Single Serve Coffee Capsule Sealers:


K-cup Filling Machine- we recommend searching eBay for machines to help in the filling of k-cups (granular and powder filling machines). Several providers have machines that cost less than $300 with USA support.

K-cup Filling Machine

Fill-and-Seal Single Serve K-cup Machine

An affordable fill and seal machine in one compact machine.

Fill-and-Seal Single Serve K-cup Machine



  • Fills and seals k-cups in a compact machine
  • Eliminates need for additional filling device
  • 400 to 500 cups/ hr
  • 110V
  • 6 month warranty
  • USA Made
  • Manual Machine- $1,999
  • Semi Automatic Machine- $2,199
  • 1000 k-cups and 2.0 lids- $150 
  • Free Shipping
Note: For small quantity of custom design lids (5 K or more), order directly from Steve at:


Rotary K-cup Filling Systems:

We have various models of Rotary K-cup Filling Systems from 1400 cups/hr to 4800 (and larger) cups per hour. Systems are special order with delivery 7-8 weeks ARO. 

Machines factory tested and are delivered ready to operate..

The models with starting prices are listed below:

Model 1400- $22,999

Model 2800- $28,999 

Model 3000A- $52,999- 2.0 Foil Lid on Roll support 

Model 3000B- $48,999- Standard Lid support

Model 4800A 4 Lane Line- $48,499 Standard Lid support

Model 4800B 4 Lane Line- $54,999 Roll Lid support 


BAP- Model 1400 Rotary K-cup Filling and Sealing System:


  • 1200 to 1400 cups per hour
  • K-cup* style or Nespresso - PLC range- 5 g to 50 g
  • Brand name components- Siemens PLC and Touch Screen
  • Product  Hopper- 3.2 Gal
  • Optional Glass Enclosure avail.- $1,800
  • Nitrogen ready.
  • Optional Product Conveyor and 50 Gal Hopper avail.- $5,800
  • 220V 50/60 HZ single phase.
  • Air required- recommend 60 gal, 4/5 HP, 14/16 CFM
  • CE Certified
  • Weight- 900 lb (shipping weight 1350 lbs)
  • Size; 1.4M x 1.2M x 1.6M
  • One year factory warranty. Includes USA Support.
  • FOB, CA

Price: Starting at $22,999 (optional roll film support $9,999)


BAP Model 3000 Rotary K-cup Filling and Sealing System:


  • Rotary Sealing of up to 3,000 cups per hr. in a compact design
  • Omron Touch Screen- European and Japanese components
  • Hopper 10L, and product loading vacuum conveyor (5L) that interfaces to screen
  • Nitrogen ready
  • Air required- recommend 60 gal, 4/5 HP, 14/16 CFM
  • Glass enclosure installed
  • 5g to 15g fill weight
  • Optional Product Conveyor and 50 Gal Hopper avail.- $5,200
  • 220V 50/60 HZ single phase, 2.5 KW power
  • Weight- 1650 lbs
  • One year factory warranty, factory on-site avail at $200 per day and T&E.  Includes USA support with on-site avail.
  • Optional Support- low cost 2.0 Foil Lids on a roll- $0.0097 each/ 300k min.

Price: $52,999 FOB CA  (roll lids)

Price: $44,499 FOB CA (std lids)

Special order- delivery 7 to 9 weeks ARO


BAP 4800 4-Lane K-cup Machine

We offer a high speed 4 lane line k-cup auto packing machine with industry leading German and Japanese components. Larger systems avail


  • 4800 Cups/ hr. Larger systems avail
  • K-cups or Nespresso
  • 5 grams to 50 grams
  • German and Japanese Parts
  • Nitrogen ready
  • Light industrial air compressor
  • 220V Single Phase, 60 HZ
  • Size: 1000 kg, 3000L,1700W, 700H
  • One year warranty, USA support
  • FOB CA


Model 4000A- 4800 cups/ hr. - Starting price- $48.999 with Std. Lid support

Model 4000B- 4800 cups/ hr. - Starting price- $54,999 with Roll Lid support


BAP 4800 4-Lane K-cup Machine

Fill-and-Seal Video



Rotary K-cup Machine:

Rotary Single Serve BAP Model 1200: up to 1200 cups/hour

Rotary Single Serve BAP Model 3000: up to 3000 cups/ hr


BAP 4800 4-Lane K-cup Machine

Please call or email for details and special promotions.

 Model   Price   Buy Now 
 BC-AZ4 Manual All Cup   $2,299.00  Call To Order
 BC-K4 Manual   $1,999.00  Call To Order
 BCA-K4 Semi-auto   $2,999.00  Call To Order