This Tin Tie Paper Bags with PLA (polylactic acid) liner are constructed of 40% recycled natural Kraft paper and lined with PLA materials to provide freshness and protection for products inside. The PLA liner is a corn-based film and is biodegradable, a great ecologically friendly packaging selection. These paper material is also FDA approved for contact with food products and the liner creates a slight barrier against oils and grease. The attached tin ties gives it the resealability option that is popular with consumers. This product is heat-sealable and it is also compostable - simply remove tin tie prior to sending to composting facility.

Barrier Quality: Minimal

 Model   Seal Length   Case Count   Seal Width   Power   Size   Thickness   Capcity   Weight (lbs)   Price   Buy Now 
 316KPLATT      1000 pcs.         4.25" W x 2.5" G x 10.5" H   Kraft   16 oz.   36.00   $179.50 
 32PPLATT      500 pcs.         5" W x 3" G x 12.25" H   Kraft   2 Lb.   37.00   $138.50 
 35PPLATT      500 pcs.         6.5" W x 4" G x 18" H   Kraft   5 Lb.   42.00   $189.50 
 38KPLATT      1000 pcs.         3.25" W x 2.5" G x 7.75"   Kraft   8 oz.   31.00   $164.50