For nearly fifty years, Ditting has been considered the premier coffee grinder in the industry.  The grinders are driven by HIGH-TORQUE motors to withstand the heavy loads of coffee grinding. The precision engineered and manufactured grinding discs assure that the coffee beans are cut down in size through multiple stages, assuring a uniform particle size according to the grinding fineness selected. Most importantly, the coffee beans are not overheated.

Ditting Grinders will easily last 20+ to 30+ years with proper care and maintenance.


Retail Coffee Grinders:
Models KR804, KR1203 and KR1403


KR1203 (stainless steel)


Ditting offers the right machine for your application from small or large amounts of coffee to fine or coarse grinds.

The key part of any grinder is the grinding mechanism. Ditting attaches special importance to the design and manufacture of outstanding grinding mechanisms which guarantee uniform and gentle grinding whatever setting is required. This uniform grinding ensures a full release of aroma and the extraction of flavor during the brewing process.

The most important characteristics of retail grinders at a glance:

  • Uniform and gentle grinding
  • Wear-resistant, precision grinding mechanism; most grinding discs can be resharpened several times with proper use.
  • Infinitely-adjustable fineness setting, from Turkish, Espresso, and Filter to Coarse
  • Simple and safe operation
  • Specially developed cooling fan
  • High reliability and long service life, 30 years and more are not unusual
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Spare parts and service guarantee


Small Retail Stores: For a retail store grinding small quantities (no more than 5 lbs at a time) and up to 30 lbs a day, we suggest model KR804

Medium to Large Retail Stores: For larger, higher traffic retail coffee stores grinding up to 60 lbs a day (up to 10lbs at a time), we suggest model KR1203

For larger stores grinding over 60 lbs per day, we suggest model KR1403.


Industrial Coffee Grinders:
Models KFA1403 and KF1800




The Ditting Industrial Grinders have a capacity of up to 350kg/h or 770lbs/h. They are designed and developed for use in small to medium-sized roasting operations.

The key element of any grinder is the grinding mechanism. Ditting has consistently applied their expertise and experience gathered over several decades to produce a precision grinding mechanism for industrial grinders.

The most important characteristics of industrial grinders at a glance:

  • Uniform and gentle grinding
  • High grinding capacity
  • Specially developed motors with cooling fan for continuous operation
  • Infinitely adjustable grind fineness from Turkish, Espresso and Filter to Coarse
  • Wear-resistant, precision grinding mechanism; grinding discs can be resharpened several times with proper use
  • High reliability over a long service life of up to 30 years
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Spare parts and service guarantee


Pricing and Technical Specifications:

Grinder Model KR804 KR1203* KR1203 KR1403 KR1403 KFA1403 KF1800
      Cold Brew   Cold Brew Accessories  
  Black Black or Stainless Black Black Black Grey Grey
Application Small store,grinding mostly into bags.
Up to 30 lbs.per day.
Large store, medium traffic.
45 to 60 lbs per day.
Large store, 
medium traffic. 
45 to 60 lbs per day
Cold Brew with increased 
particle size
Large store, 
heavy traffic. 
Over 45 to 60lbs per day.
The best grinder
to consider if you have 220V/3 phase
Large store, 
heavy traffic.
Over 60 lbs per day.
Cold Brew with
increased particle size
Industrial use 
where huge 
grinding capacity
is needed.
Industrial use
where huge 
grinding capacity
is needed.
Price $2,695 $4,395 $4,695 $5,695 $5,895 $6,995 $13,995
Call for price              
Volts/ cycles/ phase 110/60/1 110/60/1 110/60/1 220/60/3 220/60/3 220/60/3 220/60/3
Current, Amps 6 13 13 10 10 10 19.5
Avg. Grinding 1 3 3 6 6 6 12
Horsepower 0.65 1.8 1.8 2.7 2.7 2.7 6.25
Vibration Plate Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Hopper Capacity, lbs 1.1 2.4 2.4 2.4 2.4 22 66
Avg. Disc Life- lbs 15,000 25,000 25,000 35,000 35,000 35,000 100,000
Space Needed 9.5x11x25 12.5x16x34 12.5x16x34 12.5x16x34 12.5x16x34 12.5x16x37 20x20x65
Grinder Net Weight 50 lbs 88 lbs 88 lbs 88 lbs 88 lbs 95 lbs 309 lbs

*Stainless steel extra $300.00

      Grinding Discs

ditting® grinding discs have a long life expectancy with regular wear. The following chart is based on normal grinding on a medium setting. Life expectancy will shorten with the finer grinds simply because the discs will be working harder and wearing out at a faster rate than with coarser grinds.

Disc Pricing:

Grinding Disc Avg. Lifespan New Disc Resharpened Disc
804 15,000 $360 $200
1203 25,000 $580 $340
1403 35,000 $690 $420
1800 100,000 $1,600 $700

Change Disc:

As you become more familiar with the Ditting grinder, you will have a feel for when the disc is wearing down and should be changed. Here is an approximation on when to change disc:

Model Change disc after approximately:
804 15,000 lbs
1203 25,000 lbs
1403 35,000 lbs
1800 100,000 lbs

Some signs of wear are: 

  • grind is coming out coarse no matter what setting you are using;
  • coffee is coming out hot;
  • coffee continues to clog up inside the machine;
  • you cannot get the correct fineness on the specified setting; or
  • grinder seems to be grinding slower than normal. 

We recommend you have two sets of discs to use: one in the grinder and one on hand as a spare set.

For service help, please call or email us.

Limited Warranty: New Ditting Retail Grinders (KR804, KR1203 and KR1403) include a 1 year limited warranty on electrical parts. The KFA1403 and KF1800 have a limited I year warranty on electrical parts.

For questions or more info, please call or email us.