Canyon Industrial Grinders





Canyon Grinders is an ideal grinder for the shop or roaster who needs a grinder that is powerful, easy to clean, and affordable. It provides from 40-88 lbs per hour (120V)  and up to 110/132 lbs per hour (220V model). With 12 major grind settings and 120 micro settings it will handle grinds from Turkish to French Roast with easy adjustment between Espresso, Single Serve K-cups, Pour Over, Cold Brew to Drip as well as other grinds.


  • Compact design for easy fit on counter top
  • Grind from Turkish to French Roast-12 major/ 120 micro settings.
  • Affordable Burr replacements- $75.00 each
  • Easy to Clean
  • BC 66 120V, 50/60 HZ, 1100W, BC-110 and 132 220V 50/60HZ, Signle Phase, 3000W
  • BC 100 (220 V single phase)- grind up to 110 lbs per hr, BC 132 (220V)- grind up to 132 lbs per hr.
  • Net weight- 66 lbs (grand stand)
  • On year warranty
  • FOB AZ
Note: Measurements do not include hopper on top
BC66- 120V. 19L x 9W x 14H inch- 62 lbs
BC66 Grand Stand- 120V, 20L x 9W x 20H inch- 66 lbs
BC100 - 220V, single phase- 24L x 12W x 25H- 66 lbs 
BC 132-  22OV, single phase- 24L x 12W x 25H- 88 lbs
Std Hopper and lid- 1 lb
Large Hopper and lid- 3.5 lb  (add $50)
Extra Burrs- $75.00 set


BC 66 Grand (120V) - $1099.00
BC 66 Grand Stand (120V) - $1,199.00

Large Hopper- $50.00 additional all machines

BC 100 220V, single phase- $1,399.00  (may be 60 days ARO if not is stock)

BC 132 220V, single phase - $1,699.00  (may be 60 days ARO if not in stock)

Note: plus shipping from AZ