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VFFS Machines

VFFS Machines

VFFS Frac Pack System:

An ideal entry level Vertical Form Fill System for auto packaging of coffee grind granules and beans, nuts, free flow tea, popcorn, oatmeal, seeds, salt, white sugar, hard candy, etc.  This machine produces Frac ‘Pillow Style’ (or 3 sided) Packaging in sizes from 2 oz to 8 oz. or more. 

Filling method is either a 320 ML CUP for non-granular products or a Auger Filler for granular products such as coffee grind. Auger supports up to 16 oz of product (12 oz coffee grind). Liquid filling also avail.- 50ML to 400ML.

Requires NO air compressor.

Product Specifications for Model BAP 160 (CUP or Auger or Pump):

  • Uses stock or printed roll film
  • Volume Cup Size 320 ML (about 4 oz coffee depending on grind- 80 ML per 1 OZ)- Std Config.
  • Auger Filler supports 2 oz to 12 oz coffee grind. Optional- $1000
  • Bag length of 1.19 to 7.87 inch (Auger max. 9.44 inches) and width of 1.97 to 5.9 inch
  • Film thickness- recommend up to 3.14 Mil at normal speed,  max. allowed is 4 Mil at slower speeds
  • Volumetric Filling Accuracy- +/- 1.5% 
  • Auger Filler for Powder available- +/- 1%. Auger Filler is $1000 extra
  • Filling Weights- up to 15 to 500ml or  0.5 oz to 8oz or up to 16 oz
  • Forming tools- 9.5 inch std. Other sizes avail. special order- $100 to $200 each depending if Nitrogen needed.. Max.size is 12.5 inch.
  • Photoelectric sensor
  • Hopper- CUP- about 110 LBS or 15 L , Auger Hopper is 8 L to 10 L usable 
  • 220V, 50/60 Hz, single phase, total power is 2.0Kw, USA Plug
  • Date Line printing included
  • 30 to 50 bags/ minute- real world production average
  • Nitrogen ready option- $400
  • Hole punch option- $200
  • Popcorn and fluffy product support option- $400
  • Tear notch included
  • CE Certificate
  • Dimensions- L- 43.3 inch, W- 30.5 inch, H- 68.11 inch
  • Total ship weight- 760 lbs
  • 1 year factory warranty, USA support 
  • Starting at $12,249.00 FOB, CA
  • Usually in stock
  • Custom ordered- 7-8 weeks ARO
Model 160 BIG Multi Cup Filling
  • Up to 1,000 ML Muti Cup Fill
  • Lenght of bag- 3.14 to 13 inch, Width of bag- 2.5 to 8 inch
  • 50 L or 13.3 GAL Hopper
  • Starting Price- $15,500 FOB
  • Special Order- 2 months

Finished Product Conveyor- $1,850.00
Product Conveyor- single bucket- $4,400.00
Product Conveyor. Z shape multi bucket- $7,800.00
Product Auger Conveyor - $5,800.00
Spare Parts Kit- about $1,700 to $1,900.00 depending on preferences.

Ships complete, thoroughly tested and ready for work!

VFFS Sugar Packet Machine-  BAP 60. Video below. 

Packet Machine provides 3-sided pillow or sachet bags for smaller weights. Ideal for sugar, coffee stick, oatmeal, seeds, hard candies, small chocolate, etc. System handles weights up to 1.7 oz. in product weight. The machine fills bags with either a CUP (std) or Auger and/or Piston Filler. 
  • Packaging range- .033 to 1.7 oz (3.3 oz with Auger for powder, Pump system support 1 to 100 ML)
  • Bag size- L 1.57 to 9.4, W 1.18 to 4.72 inch.
  • Speed- 40 to 80 bags/min. (depending on size/ weight)
  • Volumetric Cup- 1.5 % accuracy
  • Auger Filler option- $800, 1% accuracy
  • Photoelectric Sensor
  • Date Line printer
  • Tear notch
  • CE Cerificate
  • 220V/ 50/60HZ, 1.2 KW
  • Shipping weight - 675 lbs
  • One year factory warranty, USA support
  • Starting at $12,499 FOB CA
  • Special order- 7-8 weeks ARO

Customer Supplied:
Sunflower seeds: 

Factory Supplied:
Rainbow candy:


Factory supplied:

Coffee Grind CUP Filler- ‘short demo run using an avail. 3 sided  raisin printed bag’:

Factory Supplied

 Model 160 Auger- 12 oz bag


Factory Supplied

 Model 160 Auger Filler- 4 oz bag



Customer supplied:

Sugar Packet Video


Factory supplied: popcorn


Other VFFS Systems:

VFFS Machine for larger Pillow Bags and Side Gusseted Bags

VFFS Machine for larger Pillow Bags and Side Gusseted Bags

This machine is an ideal packaging solution for larger bags of up to 50oz in size. It weighs/ fills and forms either pillow or side gusseted bags. Many kinds of foods can be used from coffee, peanuts, seeds, powders and other- call or email to discuss. Larger systems avail.

Product Specifications for Model BAP 420 (Cup or Auger)

  • Uses stock or printed roll film
  • Bag length of 3.15 to 11.8 inch and width of 1.97 to 7.8 inch
  • CUP size 1500 ML, Auger Support - $7,000 extra.
  • Film thickness- recommend up to 3.14 Mil at normal speed, max. allowed is 4 Mil at slower speeds
  • Includes Measuring Cup Device- 60/ min, +/- 1-3g
  • Hopper- 50 L or 13.2 Gallons
  • Filling Weights- up to 150 to 1000ml 
  • 220V, 50/60 Hz, single phase, total power is 2.4Kw
  • Requires air compressor
  • Date Line printing included
  • 5 to 50 bags/ minute- real world production average
  • Nitrogen ready 
  • Hole punch option- $500
  • Tear notch
  • CE Certificate
  • Dimensions- L- 50 inch, W- 40 inch, H- 62 inch
  • Total ship weight- 1650 lbs
  • 1 year factory warranty, USA  support
  • Starting at $24,999.00 FOB, CA
Z Product Loader- $7800
Product Auger Conveyor- $5,800
Finished Product Conveyor- $1,850

Systems are available for most all product materials and style of bags including installation of degassing valve and zip. Pictured below is a Powder (Whey) VFFS Packaging System with auger filler.

VFFS System

The videos below show various VFFS systems and different product filling methods. Weighed and auger filling solutions typically have better accuracy (+/- 1%) than less expensive volumetric cup filling (+/- 1.5%).

VFFS- Coffee Beans Gusseted Bag with Valve


VFFS -Whey Powder- auger filling


VFFS- Banana Chips- weighed filling



VFFS- Volumetric cup filling

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